Landscape Supplies

  Fieldstone Boulders18"-24" 3 boulders a ton$135.00 per ton  
  1" Crushed Stone50 sq. ft.$52.00 per yard  
  2" Washed Stone50 sq. ft.$52.00 per yard  
  Aluminum EdgingComes in 16 feet sections with stakes when calculating linear ft. add 2' per section example: 100 linear ft. would be 112 linear ft.$30.00 each  
  Brown Colored Mulch81 sq.ft.$30.00 per yard  
  Cedar Mulch81 sq.ft.$34.00 per yard  
  Chips and DustSame as topsoil coverage - figure patios at 5 inches$52.00 per yard  
  Hardwood Mulch1 yard covers 81 sq. ft at 3"$30.00 per yard  
  Pond StoneFlat Stone for around ponds$0.20 per lb  
  Red Colored Mulch81 sq. ft.$30.00 per yard  
  Rustic Buff Biege OutcropRustic Buff Beige Outcrop Stones$0.250 per lb  
  Rustic Buff OutcropRustic Buff Outcrop Stones$0.250 per lb  
  Screened Topsoil1 yard covers 100 sq. ft. at 3"$22.00 per yard  
  Solid Drain Tile100 ' roll 4" Drain Tile$60.00 each  
  Weed Fabric4'x300' 25 year only$85.00 each  
  0-5000 sq. ft.$400.00 each  
  5000-10.000 sq. ft.$0.10 per foot  
  10.000-20.000 sq. ft.$0.080 per foot  
  20.000-30.000 sq. ft.$0.070 per foot  
  30.000-40.000 sq. ft.$0.060 per foot  
  45.000- vp$0.050 per foot  
  Wild Flower MixWild Flower Mix - 26 Varieties - Michigan Plants$0.20 per foot  
Delivery Prices
  Coopersville$45.00 each  
  Allendale$55.00 each  
  Grand Rapids$45.00 each  
  Walker$35.00 each  
  Cascade / Ada$55.00 each  
  Rockford$55.00 each  
  Standale$35.00 each  
  Marne (within 5 miles of shop)$25.00 each  
Grass Seed
  Park Side sun and shadeGreat all around nice seed$4.00 per lb